angelique / omi geehan

(any pronoun)


don’t like the advice you get from the aunties you have?
try me out instead (just pay for my time)…

Please reach out if you are interested in engaging me to speak with your group, facilitate training or workshops, or consult with your family in private. I primarily work in Houston but can arrange travel or try to connect you with an educator or group in your area.

If you work with families in any way, I encourage you to connect with me so we can offer each other support and possibly collaborate.

You may send email to ag [at] angeliquegeehan [dot] com.

I work anywhere I am welcomed, and I work to become welcomed in as many spaces and communities as I can — which is to also say that I find it hard to list communities as a way to describe who I work with. It’s more that I take roles in which I am a channel or a bridge between different people and groups, conveying and connecting experiences, perspectives, skills, and information. My hope is to support and repair the connections people have to themselves and their families, communities, and cultural practices: intergenerationally, and across disciplines and subcultures. 

I feel called to re/connect ourselves to our own power and to grow any power we have, using approaches that either come from transformative justice and community accountability frameworks or from some of the same roots. 

This involves bringing questions forward and depolarizing the beliefs and practices that can lead to isolation and feelings of powerlessness. It helps us hone our abilities to self-assess, be clear about needs and resources, communicate them gently and effectively (and maintain appropriate self-protective boundaries while stretching to receive even negatively charged messages), and to heal and connect. 

Often, beginning to work this way generates opportunities for us to experiment, co-create, and reclaim specific practices (like carrying children in fabric close to their caregivers) that can promote resilience and healing from historical and social harms. These are chances for us to take responsibility (agency!) for helping end cycles of non-consensual interpersonal and structural violence (and reduce the impact of harms from natural violence) — oppressive systems, structures, practices, and habits that we carry even when they harm ourselves and others (because that’s all we’ve known until we shift things ourselves).

I do this through my consultancy by modeling resistance to exploitation, through my unpaid community-building work in planting seeds for transformative justice, and by nurturing myself, my children, and my chosen family to the best of my imperfect and plentiful ability.

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