Launching beta run of online babywearing education for Families and Professionals

Angelique Geehan works to question and depolarize the many cultural beliefs and practices that can deprive individuals of needed connection with themselves, their families, their clients, and their communities.

Want to learn how to use a baby carrier? Want to see how I teach something as part of your becoming an educator? Check out a Family session or two from home.

Are you already a professional and want to help other people carry babies in addition to what you already do? Are you a volunteer who would like to hear more? The Professionals sessions are meant for you.

Been sitting on this for a few years now, but it’s ready for a beta run. So let’s put it in the oven to see what happens. (For those who don’t know me, these are topics I have been teaching for a few years now, so the content isn’t in beta, only the method of delivery.) Invite your friends, or share this with them, please, and let’s have some fun! The event wall is public, so please don’t post your private information, but anyone’s welcome to chatter there with me and others.

(I’ll have some sessions coming via Interchange as well: on Handling Microaggressions, the 1.5 ANCC CEU session from the International Babywearing Conference on Why Understanding Social Justice Concepts Matters, and some “Ask Angelique Anything” chats…)

Click this for the Facebook event, or go straight to enrollment via Google Forms.


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About Me

Angelique has worked with retailers and manufacturers, community groups, event organizers, their clients and families, and other educators. She founded Interchange, a consulting group that offers diversity and inclusion support, and volunteers for several organizations, including as president of the board of directors for Baby Carriers Provided, the non-board chair of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance’s Educator Committee, a board member and community educator with Houston Babywearing Resource, an advisor for the Texas Babywearing Alliance, and a Regional Volunteer for World On My Shoulders.

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