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Angelique Geehan works to question and depolarize the many cultural beliefs and practices that can deprive individuals of needed connection with themselves, their families, their clients, and their communities.

Here is a list of professional babywearing educators I have trained. If you are interested in a private class or one-on-one consultation, please let me know, and I would be thrilled to discuss whether I might be a fit for helping you or make a referral.

logo consists of four human shapes in various shades of brown with various carriers with babies inside represented in orange; text reading "Babywearing International of Greater Houston" below the figures

Babywearing International of Greater Houston (also on Facebook) has accredited Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBEs), free meetings around town, and a carrier lending library that all may try at meetings. Members (dues are $30 per year per family) can borrow carriers for approximately a month at a time.

I also recommend you join the Facebook group of the Houston Baby Wearers, then use the document about other local subgroups to find a meeting that suits your needs.

The Babywearer forums are free to join, though you must register, and are an extensive, searchable source of information.

BCIA member logo

The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance works to increase awareness of quality baby carriers and supports members of the baby carrier industry by propagating standards, promoting educational outreach, participating in research, and helping small businesses comply with standards.

The The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a safety standard for infant and toddler carriers.

For my  BI students, here are the basic and advanced exam questions (text only).

Local small retailers (in alphabetical order)

I believe that supporting small, local businesses is an important part of building community. Undoubtedly, Houston has many wonderful businesses I have not listed, but these are ones I have a personal connection to and fully endorse. These business owners take pride in education and service, and because of them, Houstonians have had an increasing number of choices when it comes to commercial baby carriers and other children’s products. These stores are Houston-based and do ship. If you should ever have a negative experience with any of these, please do not hesitate to contact me, and I will do my best to help facilitate resolution; these owners are open to feedback.

Blossoming Mama — Erin Estilette

The Pure Parenting Shop — Sarah Saunders Godwin

Sweet Baby Pearl’s Eco Emporium — Pat and Camarie Young

A Woman’s Work — Gretchen Penny

Woodland Babies — Lauren Logsdon (also offers babywearing consultations)

Media appearances and clips

Interview about inclusive language with Lori Post of Babywearing International, Inc. — December 21, 2015

Mentioned in the Wrapsody blog: “Babywearing and footed pajamas” — February 9, 2015

Interview with Sheneq of Premier Baby Planning — February 5, 2014

Interview with Pat Jones (her page) of the Whole Mother show — January 22, 2014

Interview with Pat Jones (her page) of the Whole Mother show — April 1, 2013

BWI blog article on babywearing in the heat and humidity — May 14, 2012

Motherhood Center blog post on ten reasons to wear your baby — February 12, 2012


General tips for adjusting ring slings (see comments for additional details). July 15, 2012.

Nursing (breastfeeding) in a ring sling. July 15, 2012. This is an older video, and I no longer recommend making a baffle with the tail to take up slack as quickly as I did then. If you use this technique, please make sure to keep the baby’s face clear of any padding.

One way to avoid twisting wrap ends when using the superman toss (YouTube) — Not discussed in video: please try to grasp as much of the shoulder girdle as possible, or lift the child by the torso under the arms, locking the grip with thumbs over the shoulders. Please avoid lifting the child by the arms only. Caregiver bends at the knees slightly when lifting.

One way to get a sleeping baby out of a ring sling (YouTube) — Video is shown with a newborn, so it is also useful for seeing how leg position looks for a tiny baby.

Language for teaching babywearing, part 1 (Vimeo, 9:57) — Video consists of me speaking on how to select phrasings that can help effectively convey information, including inclusive language. — May 14, 2015

Language for teaching babywearing, part 2 (Vimeo, 2:33) — Video consists of me speaking on representing my own experiences using “I” language. — May 14, 2015

Instructing a Santa Toss (Vimeo, 8:38) — Video consists of a talk and demonstration of some ways an educator might teach the “Santa Toss” method to caregivers for getting a baby on their back. — May 14, 2015

Instructing a Hip Scoot (Vimeo, 9:37) Video consists of a talk and demonstration of some ways an educator might teach the “Hip Scoot” method to caregivers for getting a baby on their back. — May 14, 2015

Teaching a Back Wrap Cross Carry (Vimeo, 13:55) Video consists of a talk and demonstration of some ways an educator might teach a caregiver how to use the “Back Wrap Cross Carry” pattern to secure a baby on themselves with a long woven wrap. — May 14, 2015

For more educational resources, please check the options under the “What is Babywearing” drop-down menu of the Babywearing International, Inc. page.


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Angelique has worked with retailers and manufacturers, community groups, event organizers, their clients and families, and other educators. She founded Interchange, a consulting group that offers diversity and inclusion support, and volunteers for several organizations, including as president of the board of directors for Baby Carriers Provided, the non-board chair of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance’s Educator Committee, a board member and community educator with Houston Babywearing Resource, an advisor for the Texas Babywearing Alliance, and a Regional Volunteer for World On My Shoulders.

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